What You Wish You Learned When You Were a Kid

We teach kids key knowledge and life skills that are probably not being taught in your neighborhood mainstream school. These are the classes the parents wish they had as a kid- the ones that encourage young people to have direct experience with their personal power, give them real-life skills for the modern world that also enhance their creative spark, deepen their emotional intelligence, hone their communication skills and encourage decision-making abilities.

After all, what do we ultimately want for our kids? We help make sure they have the knowledge and skills that really matter - ones that will give them a range of options in their life, and will allow them to be highly independent and successful in career, relationships, and life.

Foundational Principals

The Core Tenants of Coherence Education Philosophy

  • At Coherence Education, we embrace the infinite potential that resonates within every child. We believe that each young mind is a portal to the cosmos, where the power, knowledge, and interconnectedness of the Universe converge. Our mission is to nurture and amplify this innate connection, which vibrates at the frequency of love, and to empower our students with the tools to explore and harness the limitless possibilities that lie before them.

  • We are revolutionaries, transforming the educational landscape from a rigid assembly line that molds uniform minds, to a vibrant tapestry that celebrates the unique gifts and purposes each child brings to the world. We recognize that the true source of power lies within, and we strive to awaken the inner compass that guides each student on their personal journey of discovery.

  • In an age where artificial intelligence and technology are reshaping the way we live, we teach our students to become the creative directors of their own lives. While we encourage them to embrace the advancements of our times, we prioritize coherence first, so that they harness these innovations with mindfulness.

  • At Coherence Education, we do not create mere cogs in a machine; we inspire leaders, visionaries, and pioneers who will shape the future with their hearts and minds. We are committed to guiding the next generation as they navigate the vast expanse of human potential, fueling their quest for knowledge and creative impulse with a steadfast belief in the power of love, joy and purpose.

Meet the Team

Andrew Freeman


We don't always meet people with impressive backgrounds, but when we do, we prefer to talk to Andrew Freeman. With a Master's degree from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and a tech background, he's the man who dreams of transforming education for young minds.

During his technology career, Andrew had a knack for simplifying complex technologies and subjects for non-technical audiences. His passion for teaching even led him to head-up training at one of Hewlett-Packard's manufacturing divisions.

But that's not all - Andrew is a Resonance Science Delegate and an Award-Winning Screenwriter. And if you thought that was impressive, let us tell you that he once won a karaoke competition on a Carnival Cruise.

He's not just a tech genius and a karaoke champion, though. Andrew is currently co-writing a children's book with his daughter Josey titled "Checkers the World's Greatest Cat Detective." If you're ever in need of some inspiration, Andrew Freeman is the man to talk to.


Bella Shing

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Meet Bella - After attending the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts MFA Film program, Bella has honed her skills to become an award-winning commercials director and writer with a passion for inspiring creativity in young minds.

Driven by a desire to empower young people, Bella secured a grant from PBS to guide Oakland teens in creating a compelling documentary on "What Makes a Teacher Worth Listening To." She has also dedicated her time to teaching Video Production to children as young as eight, helping them discover their creative spark and learn the power of visual storytelling.

Bella recognizes that the current education system often stifles creativity, and is committed to supporting programs that help individuals of all ages access their inner creative genius. She believes that creativity is everyone's birthright and that practices that engage the mind, body, and spirit are crucial for unlocking this potential.
Bella Shing