Elevate your Groove

In this 8-week adventure transform your rhythm, style, and self-expression. Aimed at young enthusiasts from 8 to 18, this course isn’t just about mastering the steps; it’s about stepping into a new version of yourself and yes, amazing your friends!
Kids dancing

Led by Legends

Hosted by a luminary dancer, each session is a doorway to the dynamic world of dance, led by guest legends in dance and choreography. Witness your child immerse in the pulsating beats of Hip Hop, the intricate robotics of Popping and Locking, the gravity-defying stunts of Breaking, and the spirited grooves of House.
Dance Instructor

Benefits of Dance

  • Fitness that Feels Like Fun

    Break a sweat with smiles. Discover fitness, flexibility, and coordination in the most exhilarating way possible.

  • Mood Elevation

    Dance your way to joy! Let the rhythms lift your spirits and infuse happiness into your day.

  • Skyrocket Self Confidence

    Command the dance floor and life with newfound confidence, poise, and an unstoppable self-image.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

Dive into an array of dance styles, and kickstart your choreographed masterpiece. Plus, learn basic steps that pack a punch!
Guy doing choreographed dance

Week 2


Learn how to isolate parts of the body to accentuate rhythms.
Dance Instructor striking a pose

Week 3

Housewerk isn't just Homework

Feel the House beat and move to it! Add some classic house steps to your dance vocabulary.
Wheel of faces

Week 4

Making Shapes

Learn moves that create memorable shapes and continue piecing together the group choreography.

Week 5

Pop and Lock initiation

The epitome of cool, with guidance from the best in the biz.
Pop and Lock dacner

Week 6


Express yourself in this week's session, building on the various shapes and moves you've learned.
Tweens Dancing

Week 7

Fine-tuning Choreography

Choreography polish-up. Putting all the steps together and dancing together.
Dance Party

Week 8

The Dance Party Extravaganza!

Enjoy the thrill of dancing in sync to incredible choreography and groove with abandon at our celebratory dance-off.
Dance Party

Meet Your Guides

Angel "Staccato" Guzman

A masterful hip hop freestyler and father, Angel's background as a percussionist has always informed his dancing. Now he loves teaching youth and providing them the resources he wish he had when he first began dancing. He is known for being able to break things down into easy to learn steps and is an electrifying teacher.
Angel Staccato Guzman


We offer a special price for schools who want to enroll a group of students, as well as an installment plan for individuals.

What Students are Saying
About Our Courses

“Coherence Education has helped me on my journey of music, self-confidence, and my knowledge of AI tools. I enjoy connecting with kids from all around the globe and learning about them. Coherence Education has helped me and so many others to get to know each other better, and to learn and grow as individuals. ”


“I loved these classes, they are really fun and I feel like I'm really learning something. The teachers are awesome and really nice. I can't wait for the next classes to start. I wish they were sooner. ”


“I've decided that I love the Coherence Education Courses, they've been amazing. The past 8 weeks of my life of taking the courses, have been amazing, engaging, very profound. They branch out to things I don't know about even if it's a topic I think I know. They are very engaging, interactive and you never get bored”


Course Logistics

This 8 Week Course begins Thursday March 21, 2024

  • Time: Your choice of either a morning session 9-10:30 am or afternoon session 4-5:30 pm Pacific Time

  • Tools Required: Shoes you're comfortable dancing in!

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Ends Feb 29, 2024!

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