Does Nature Do Math?

When we look at nature, we see the same patterns over-and-over again - at all scales - from the tiniest atom to massive galaxies, and everything in-between. Are these patterns just by random chance, or does nature use the same mathematical blueprint to construct itself?

In this course, students will immerse themselves in the ratios, constants, formulas, and fractal patterns that underpin the Unified Field. Through hands-on activities, the abstract realms of math and geometry will transform into tangible frameworks, reshaping students' perception and connection to the world that surrounds them.
Math and Nature

Using 3D Modeling Software

The Foundation of Genius

Cognitive leaps happen when we create nature’s fundamental geometric shapes with our own hands. Transformative thinkers throughout history including Plato, Sir Isaac Newton, Buckminster Fuller, Walter Russell, Nassim Haramein began their journeys toward breakthrough insights by building physical models.

Whether your child loves math or dreads it, their relationship with math will shift significantly as they build three-dimensional models of the fundamental building blocks of nature. They’ll begin with simple tetrahedrons, to the more complex shapes within the Platonic Solids, to the Vector Equilibrium, Flower of Life, and Fruit of Life.

In-Class Homework

We believe homework is best done in-class, when instructors are available to help, and students can work together and support each other.

The 2nd hour of each class is devoted to instructor-guided hands-on exercises, where students will use various tools and materials to create the shapes of nature with their own hands, as well as exploring their mathematical relationships.

Although additional homework is not required, we find that our students become so engaged with the material that they will often continue learning and exploring on their own after class.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

How Space Creates

Embark on a spellbinding journey as your child discovers what space really is, it’s infinite nature and how it creates everything through spin. Through vibrant illustrations, they'll learn the unique properties of these timeless being – why it creates constants as phi or pi, spirals and circles, to build the only shape there is, the torus – and begin to appreciate the inherent harmony woven into the sea that space is.
Girl wearing AR glasses

Week 2

The Universe and its Memory System

In this awe-inspiring week, your child will delve deeper into the way space groups toroids to form atoms, stars and galaxies, creating the whole Universe. By exploring the interconnectedness of these ethereal patterns, young learners will develop a profound appreciation for the hidden beauty and balance that underpin creation and will understand how all information is stored holographically and can be accessed at all time.

Week 3

Numbers and their Secret Patterns

During this fascinating week, your child will be introduced to the mesmerizing world of numbers. They'll explore the different kinds there are and will understand why they even shape lifespan in our society. They will find the secret pattern that lies behind the spiral through one of the most important concepts of the mathematical initiation – The Numerical Root.
Vector Equilibrium

Week 4

The Origin of Polarity and Growth

As we continue our odyssey through the realm of mathematics, they'll go deeper into the secrets of the spiral and discover how it creates the most basic shape of geometry – The Triangle –, polarization, uncovering the harmonious balance of forces that drive the cosmos and the Doubling system, that generates expansion and contraction. By analyzing this secret code, your child will come to understand the significance of the spiral in the grand tapestry of our reality.
Spiral dynamics

Week 5

Transcendent Numbers & Numerical Circuits

In this eye-opening week, students will be amazed to see another layer of the numbers they've been studying – The Trinity of 3, 6 and 9. They will grasp the importance of number 3 and how it is primordial in the structuring of reality. They will also get to know the circuits that arise from the multiplication tables thus fostering a deeper connection with the mathematical system and understanding that each of the numbers has it’s distinct personality instead of mere quantities invented by man. Number 9 will be the last step of this amazing week, and the kids will comprehend the qualities that make it key to complete the understanding of the numerical puzzle of the transcendent triad.
Nature, geometrical shapes

Week 6

Spirals in Space and our Solar System

Continuing the journey, this sixth week will connect the dots, showing your child how the multiplication tables that we had to learn by memory in school with no meaning at all draw instead spirals in space. This week will also introduce them to angular motion and into the realm of geometry, getting to know that the shapes we know as the Platonic Solids are the vibrational signature of music. We will explore 2D, 3D and Sacred, or Spatial, Geometries. Culminating this very special week, the kids will understand the concept that the great philosopher Pythagoras called The Music of the Spheres, linking vibration to the dimensions and time that govern the planets of our solar system.
Spiral in solar system

Week 7

The Geometry of Space

Concluding their geometric adventure, your child will delve into the fascinating structure of the Vector Equilibrium. He will learn how the cubeoctahedron is the core of the geometry of space itself – the 64 Tetrahedron Matrix. Through hands-on activities and compelling demonstrations, your child will gain invaluable insights into this cubic geometry and how, through spin, it creates the Star Mother geometry and all golden movement, that is inherent to life, culminating in a profound appreciation for the beauty and harmony of our world.

Week 8

Mathematical Ancient Wisdom

In this last week our students will travel to ancient cultures to find how their peoples understood all the wisdom that they have learned during the past couple of months, that lead them to create calendars, medicine and magic that connected them to a higher state of consciousness and allowed them to achieve incredible feats that our modern society has no clue to how they were accomplished. This historical passage through Vedic, Mayan, Chinese and Egyptian traditions, will be the last dot that your kid will connect in this Mathematic Adventure.
Weather Scientists looking at the world

Your Teacher

Anton Vöxel

A series of experiences led Anton Vöxel on a search that made use of his internal resonance. He was able to discern and then find the keys to understanding the functioning of space. Founder of the extinct, Barcelona based, Radio Evolucio and Cognos, a science and consciousness divulgation broadcast and festival, he has since been touring the world as a speaker and teacher of unified science. He masterfully connects knowledge that spans from his audio-visual roots into unified physics, holodynamics, Chinese medicine, shamanism, ethnobotany, ancient cultures, geometry, vortex math, biology and evolution, amongst other topics. He also works with Nassim Haramein’s International Space Federation and on his personal project Spacecast.

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