Unleash Your Child's Potential

Begins Sept 7th!

Is having your children know how to connect consistently to their inner reservoir of potential, power, confidence, and love something that you desire?

Imagine the relief you'd feel knowing that they have the skills to regulate their nervous system, access the wisdom of their heart, heighten their intuition, and have clarity to navigate these accelerated times.
Teenager in awe, nature

Learn Directly from the Masters

In collaboration with HeartMath Institute and a host of groundbreaking pioneers in human potential, your students will learn the science and practical tools that reveal the nearly infinite power, wisdom, and connectedness of this universe and how they can cultivate and harness those qualities within themselves.
Photos of Expert Speakers: Katie Hendricks, Reverand Michael Brnard Beckwith, Ly

The Power of Coherence

Using simple techniques for increasing coherence individually and within groups, we’ll utilize HeartMath technology to measure and track our coherence progress and build an understanding of how our resonance, thoughts and intentions can affect the outcomes of random number generators and even phenomenon thought to be ‘supernatural’, such as our ability to perceive the shapes and colors of objects without our eyes.

Students will receive a 25% discount on HeartMath's Inner Balance device. and free shipping in the U.S.

Connect to a Global Community

Traverse borders and cross oceans without leaving the room. Through group activities and assignments, your child will forge friendships with peers from around the globe, creating a network of support that can reinforce positive habits for a lifetime!
Network of Global friends

Course Curriculum

Classes are on Thursdays
2 sessions are available: either 9-11 am or 4-6 pm
Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -8)

Week 1 (Sept 7)

Heart Coherence - What Is It and Why Is It So Powerful?

Unravel the secrets of the Unified Field with Lynne McTaggart. Discover its extraordinary properties, and the infinite flow of energy within it. Heartmath Scientists will explain the fabric of our beings and the measurable energy field that forms the essence of our existence showing how coherence, the harmonious symphony of the heart and mind, benefits self and others.
Boy doing tai chi surrounded by morphic fields

Week 2 (Sept 14)

Understanding Our Holographic Universe

Discover the holographic nature of this universe with profound examples of non-local connections in nature. Learn the science behind the holographic universe, and by using simple techniques to increase coherence individually and within groups, build an understanding of how resonance, thoughts, and intentions can affect the outcomes of random number generators. By the end of this week, there will be no doubt about the interconnectivity of our consciousness and the fascinating interplay between mind and matter.
DNA as part of Nature

Week 3 (Sept 21)

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality

Dive into the captivating science of epigenetics where the latest scientific studies show how our beliefs can affect the expression of our genes helping to explain the wonders of belief-driven phenomena, from the Placebo Effect to the astonishing manifestations of multiple personality disorders. Learn to harness the power of our beliefs to create a fulfilling, and meaningful life.
Illustration of mind, body connection

Week 4 (Sept 28)

Navigating the Physical to Reach the Boundless

In this week, we'll deepen our awareness of the body and understanding the power of emotions and how to use breath not only to release stress but to achieve heightened awareness, clarity and focus.
Teen Boy basking in the sun

Week 5 (Oct 5)

The Power of Language to Manifest Your Dreams

In this week, you'll absorb timeless wisdom regarding the profound influence of your thought and how they create emotions. And when spoken, the power of your words as sound has been documented throughout history as fundamental to creation. As individuals and as a group you'll conduct experiments showcasing the impact of thought and language on living systems.
Teenager speaking on stage

Week 6 (Oct 12)

Superhumans Who Operate Beyond Scientific Explanation

Learn from Qi Gong Master Lee Holden host of Superhuman Experience on Gaia as he unmasks the nature of 'Miracles' and how it is that individuals can consistently perform what some would consider 'miracles'. Here you'll understand the hidden treasure of your greater potential and gain keys to unleash your inner power. You'll also learn from Iris Huizing who teaches kids how to heighten their intuitive ability and see even when they are blindfolded.
Superhero teens

Week 7 (Oct 19)

Practices for Ever-Increased Coherence

In this week, your child will learn about the power of joy from bestselling author of The Joy Plan and mindfulness teacher Kaia Roman. Techniques taught here have the ability to give kids firsthand knowledge of how higher emotional states are directly connected to successful outcomes in all areas of their lives.
Young Man Hiking

Week 8 (Oct 26 )

Oh the Places You'll Go!

During an average life, we spend 6 years dreaming. This week Robert Waggoner will be teaching how kids can tap into the power of their dream state. Famous inventors, artists and scientists often get world changing ideas through their dreams. Creating a relationship with this aspect of self is not only exciting and fun, it can help kids to navigate their waking state with more confidence. In this last class, we will also help your child envision their future, create a roadmap for success, and develop the habits, support, and self-love necessary for their remarkable journey.
Teenager looking out at a vista

Benefits of Heartmath Technology

“I’ve finally found my voice after years of shutting down…”


We offer a special price for schools who want to enroll a group of students, as well as an installment plan for individuals

Meet Your Instructors

*In most cases Instructors will be on the live Q&A, but some may not be due to scheduling conflicts

Adam Apollo


The founder of multiple education and tech-based organizations, Adam Apollo is a renowned speaker featured at the White House, United Nations, and global events. With extensive experience in coordinating initiatives for education, peacemaking and sustainability, he developed the UNIFY initiative, the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics, Guardian Alliance Academy, and other transformational education programs.
Adam Apollo

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and CEO of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles which embraces the diversity of all people and all faiths, recognizing the universal essence that unites us all. His teachings on the science of inner transformation and unity inspire us to live from a place of joy, peace, and purpose, tap into our deepest potential, and to co-create a world of harmony and abundance. He's known for utilizing meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioning™, a spiritual technology he developed for conscious evolution. Also a co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, Reverend Beckwith is a member of Oprah's esteemed SuperSoul 100.
Reverend Michael Beckwith

Michiko Hayashi

Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT”

Born in Japan, Michiko Hayashi learned humility, honesty, and compassion from her Buddhist priest father. With a foreign language B.A. from a US university, she worked at Costa Rica's Ministry of Transportation. From 2004-2014, she was Dr. Masaru Emoto's personal assistant, the pioneer of HADO and water researcher. As Emoto Peace Project's successor, Michiko distributes the children's book "The Message from Water" and teaches the importance of positivity, respect, love, and gratitude to create a harmonious and peaceful world.
Michiko Hayashi

Kathyln Hendricks


Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT, is a renowned educator and pioneer in body intelligence and conscious loving. With over forty years of experience, she has made her mark in transforming abstract concepts into relatable experiences, a skill crucial for engaging young minds. Kathlyn has co-authored twelve books, including the best-selling "Conscious Loving," that inspire positive change and personal growth. She has dedicated her career to developing body-centered and relationship transformation methods that enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Her ability to translate complex ideas into digestible, enjoyable learning experiences makes her an extraordinary guide for children as they navigate relationships in life.
Kathyln Hendricks

Laura Hernandez

Coach and Teacher

A blissful life is available to us all and influences the environment like ripples in the ocean. Laura empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to harness the power of their individual and group consciousness to understand, create, and develop a blissful and happy life. Along with international standardized coaching, the Science of Creative Intelligence, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, unified physics, mindfulness, stress management, and energy techniques, she tailors and enables a profound transformation to experience happiness, success, and fulfillment. But mainly, she fosters bliss through the awareness, experience, and embodiment of the unlimited potential naturally available within us: Pure Consciousness.
Laura Hernandez

Lee Holden


Lee Holden, a renowned Qi Gong master, began his martial arts journey at a young age, studying with masters in Asia. He has since founded Holden QiGong, a clinic that produces educational DVDs, televised on more than 105 PBS stations. His approachable style of training has helped millions.
Lee Holden

Iris Huizing


At 'Learning Community Metaal Kathedraal' in the Netherlands, Iris guides children in rediscovering their intuition and natural ability to see blindfolded and she empowers adults to do the same. Besides from being a certified ICU Awareness Program trainer at Nicola's ICU Academy, Iris explored several additional training methods from around the world. Together with Dan Winter and Patrick Botte she conducts research into consciousness states using the revolutionary Flame In Mind biofeedback EEG software for Golden Spiral bliss brainwaves analyses. The early research results show brain symmetry and a cascade of coherent harmonic frequencies in the brainwaves of the children while they experience their full potential.
Iris Huizing

Rollin McCraty


Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., is a psychophysiologist whose research explores the interconnectivity between people and Earth's energetic systems. He co-created the Global Coherence Initiative and has been featured in publications such as Prevention, American Health, and Men's Fitness.
Rollin McCraty

Lynne McTaggart


Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of seven books, including international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond, all considered seminal works of the New Science. Her writing is translated into over 30 languages. Lynne is consistently voted one of the world's top 100 spiritual leaders for her groundbreaking work with consciousness and intention. She is known for her quality writing and research, inspirational speaking style, and role as a New Thought leader and spiritual change agent.
Lynne McTaggart

Michelle Masters


Michelle is an accomplished teacher and facilitator, specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Family Constellations. She has been transforming lives since 1995, unlocking the unconscious barriers that often hinder growth. Michelle uses a unique approach, incorporating humor and engaging teaching methods, to help children understand their unconscious patterns and overcome challenges. By promoting sustainable change without reliance on force or willpower, she provides children with the tools to navigate life's obstacles more effectively. This approach not only nurtures a child's personal development but also empowers them to embrace their innate potential, fostering greater happiness, fulfillment, and success in their journey.
Michelle Masters

Jenna Moniz

HeartMath Education Development Manager

Jenna Moniz is a passionate educator, writer, and activist, focused on developing self-actualized individuals. Her Peace Corps experience in Africa and Brazil provided insight into human connection and resilience. Jenna has served as an educator in a large US district and founded Aspire Academy, incorporating positive psychology and heart-centered practices. Holding a Masters in Brain-based Instruction, she is certified by various organizations, including the HeartMath Institute where she is their Education Development Manager
Jenna Moniz

Nachum Plonka

Principal Data Scientist at HeartMath Institute

Nachum Plonka applies his extensive knowledge of science and compassion to analyze data collected by HeartMath. He completed his Ph.D. in Computational Physics at Stanford University, researching complex systems and publishing 9 works internationally. As a Data Scientist at Quantifind, Nachum led the development of regression and tree-based models for one of the world's largest private equity firms.
Nachum Plonka

Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author of The Joy Plan, Mindfulness Teacher

Kaia Roman is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, documentary film producer, and intrepid biohacker on a passionate mission to increase joy in the world. She’s the bestselling author of the highly-acclaimed book about the neuroscience of joy, The Joy Plan, which was featured on the TODAY Show. She is also a sought-after retreat leader for some of Silicon Valley‘s most influential leaders and companies. As a certified mindfulness instructor, Kaia taught mindfulness in an elementary school for five years, teaching the same techniques she uses for CEOs. Kaia began her training as a personal growth facilitator at age 11 and has led retreats and classes for groups all over the world.
Kaia Roman

Thomas Vu


An accomplished entrepreneur and VC fund General Partner, Vu helped to create the global phenomenon, League of Legends and champions the potential of youth worldwide. More than just a leader, Vu is an educator, advocate, and partner striving to enhance the quality of life for global communities. His expertise in GaaS, IP management, and Emmy-winning success with Netflix's Arcane enriches his pursuit of the American Dream as a Vietnamese refugee.
Thomas Vu

Robert Waggoner

Lucid Dreaming Expert

Robert Waggoner has spent 40 years harnessing lucid dreaming to probe reality, consciousness, and the dream state. He is an accomplished author and expert in Lucid Dreaming. Robert wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self (now in its fifteenth printing), and co-authored Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple with Caroline McCready. A past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, he frequently lectures on lucid dreaming's transformative potential. His work illuminates its capacity for inner healing and accessing collective knowledge.
Robert Waggoner

Our Heartfelt Guarantee

We want kids to feel capable of handling the volatile conditions of life. We want them confident in their ability to access their inner power. If your kid attends the classes, does the exercises, and you don’t witness them feeling more empowered, let us know and we will promptly provide you a full refund.


We offer a special price for schools who want to enroll a group of students, as well as an installment plan for individuals