Breaking the Cycle of Isolation

Does your child sometimes feel isolated or misunderstood? Or are they simply wanting to know how to make new friends and improve their existing friendships? And most importantly, how do kids learn how to be their own best friend?

With the lingering aftershocks of the pandemic and the draw towards socializing through screens - it is easier than ever for kids to feel isolated, alone, misunderstood, and socially awkward.
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Relationship Skills for a Lifetime

Over this transformative eight-week journey, we will equip children with the keys to unlock the doors to genuine, lasting friendships. We’ll harness the wisdom of world-class experts as well as tools that help us to understand and harmonize with ourselves and others using powerful tools including NLP, Family Constellations, Higher Alignment, and insights from the Hendricks Institute on Conscious Relating. This course offers a path to self-awareness, self-knowledge and practical tools for creating deeper connections with friends, and nurturing the most important BFF - ourselves!

If you want to ensure that your child knows how to attract and maintain positive, fun, and nourishing friendships, this course is for them!

By the end of the course, your child will:

  • Understand their play personality: knowing which one of eight different kinds suits them the most and brings out their light

  • They will learn about what makes them tick from how they process information, to their decision-making style, defensive strategy and more. This self-awareness will help them to have more empathy with others and offer a map on which they can communicate.

  • Overcome Social Hurdles: We’ll help equip students with tools that nurture their inner courage in order to overcome shyness, anxiety, and past negative experiences.
Play Personalities

They Will Also:

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence We’ll guide students to help them understand, express, and navigate their own emotions as well as those of others.

  • Gain Communication Skills
    Students will elevate their ability to understand their own emotions, express themselves more freely, and learn how to listen actively - key skills in nourishing lasting friendships.

Play Personalities

Course Curriculum

Week 1

Getting Clear on What Your Creative Intelligence is

Did you know that there are 7 unique creative intelligences? 1) Orchestrator 2) Compassionate 3) Implementer 4) Inventor 5) Investigator 6) Visionary and 7) Storyteller.

In this week, you'll join Katie Love from Higher Alignment to learn about these creative impulses and which ones you apply to you. This will help you know how best to offer your loving spark to the world. It also reveals the qualities you will find most fulfilling in friendships as well!
My friends are loving

Week 2

How to Trust Yourself

In this week you’ll learn about the Wizard Within You. Judy Wilkins-Smith, an expert facilitator of systemic constellations will reveal the building blocks that bring the head, heart and gut into alignment so that you can make decisions from your inner knowing. Learn to visualize in 3D your patterns of relationships so that you can see what may be out of alignment and how to instead create the relationships and dreams you desire.

Week 3

The Most Important Friendship

Are you a friend to yourself? If you don’t know how to be a good friend to yourself, you won’t be able to be a good friend to anyone else. In this class, you'll learn how to tune into the beloved within yourself.
Girl looking in the mirror

Week 4

What is Your Unique Learning Style

Give your kid the gift of understanding how they best learn and process information. So much unnecessary confusion, shame, and effort could be saved once they understand what works best for them.
Teenager speaking on stage

Week 5

NLP: The Secret Language of Connection

Through NLP, students will help to understand their own beliefs around friendships - both in-terms of how they are as a friend, and what types of friends would be available to them. By learning how others process information and desire to be seen and understood, students will learn strategies for creating connections with almost anyone.
Wheel of faces

Week 6

Crafting Their Friendship Future

This week kids will reflect on their growth and milestones as well as envision and map out heartwarming friendships ahead.

Week 7

How Your Body Type is Related to Your Purpose

Did you know that many cultures throughout millennia, saw bodies differently then what we see popularized in Western Media? In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodies have different qualities and needs for different kinds of foods to balance them. And depending on your unique creative intelligence and purpose, your body will serve you differently as well. Discover how your creative essence relates to 7 different body types.
Diverse kids

Week 8

How Conflicts Can Be Opportunities for Healing

This week, you will learn some life-changing tools that will help you understand the root to all conflict as well as harmony and how you can communicate with compassion.

What Students are Saying
About Our Courses

“Coherence Education has helped me on my journey of music, self-confidence, and my knowledge of AI tools. I enjoy connecting with kids from all around the globe and learning about them. Coherence Education has helped me and so many others to get to know each other better, and to learn and grow as individuals. ”


“I loved these classes, they are really fun and I feel like I'm really learning something. The teachers are awesome and really nice. I can't wait for the next classes to start. I wish they were sooner. ”


“I've decided that I love the Coherence Education Courses, they've been amazing. The past 8 weeks of my life of taking the courses, have been amazing, engaging, very profound. They branch out to things I don't know about even if it's a topic I think I know. They are very engaging, interactive and you never get bored”


Meet Your Instructors

Katie Love

Higher Alignment Practitioner

Katie Love transformed her personal journey of understanding love and relationships into a professional calling working with those who are interested in having more fulfilling relationships in all aspects of life. After a pivotal encounter with the teachings of Higher Alignment, an organization devoted to amplifying the positive effects of healthy creative partnerships, she delved into the study of compatibility. Using this knowledge, she not only found a deeply fulfilling personal relationship but also honed her skills to assist others. In her coaching practice, she aids individuals, couples, and creative partners in realizing their innate natures, understanding relational dynamics, and fostering love, joy, and creativity in their connections, minimizing conflict and codependency.
Katie Love

Judy Wilkins-Smith

Judy is a distinguished systemic coach and founder of System Dynamics for Individuals & Organizations. She is deeply passionate about unlocking human potential and fostering visionary leadership. Renowned for her expertise in identifying and transforming personal and organizational patterns, she empowers clients to achieve their dream lives. Judy's dedication to this transformative work has made her a sought-after speaker and a catalyst for positive, accelerated global change.
Judy Wilkins-Smith

Michelle Masters


Michelle is an accomplished teacher and facilitator, specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Family Constellations. She has been transforming lives since 1995, unlocking the unconscious barriers that often hinder growth. Michelle uses a unique approach, incorporating humor and engaging teaching methods, to help children understand their unconscious patterns and overcome challenges. By promoting sustainable change without reliance on force or willpower, she provides children with the tools to navigate life's obstacles more effectively. This approach not only nurtures a child's personal development but also empowers them to embrace their innate potential, fostering greater happiness, fulfillment, and success in their journey.
Michelle Masters

Mary Sise

Psycho-spiritual therapist and pioneer

Mary is a psycho-spiritual therapist and energy, psychology pioneer. In addition to being traditionally trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mary integrates energy psychology methods into her own practice and has trained hundreds of clinicians in these methods. She has earned her Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Mary has pioneered methodologies and techniques and created The Soul Weaving Process. She has also advocated for expanded clinical understanding of the integral interrelationship of the mind, body, and spirit in the healing paradigm. She presents at conferences and develops training and course work in the areas of releasing negative beliefs, healing trauma and dissociation, and the role and responsibilities of the healer. In 2022 Mary released an updated edition of the book she co-authored in 2007, The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs. In 2020, Mary wrote the Kindle bestseller Tapping the Panic Out of Pandemic, a no-nonsense guide for navigating uncertain times.
Mary Sise

Bella Shing

Coherence Education Co-Founder & Love Coach

Bella has been teaching about self-love to women for the last decade. Through various modalities, she's found that one of the most powerful techniques for self-confidence and attracting great relationships on all levels has to do with learning how to nurture one's inner cheerleader and to quiet the inner critic. She'll also be showing the kids techniques to connect to their divine nature and how to become their own best friends.
Bella Shing

Kathyln Hendricks

Educator, Relationship Expert

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT, is a renowned educator and pioneer in body intelligence and conscious loving. With over forty years of experience, she has made her mark in transforming abstract concepts into relatable experiences, a skill crucial for engaging young minds. Kathlyn has co-authored twelve books, including the best-selling "Conscious Loving," that inspire positive change and personal growth. She has dedicated her career to developing body-centered and relationship transformation methods that enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Her ability to translate complex ideas into digestible, enjoyable learning experiences makes her an extraordinary guide for children as they navigate relationships in life.
Bella Shing

Aya Caspi

NVC Trainer

Based in Northern California, Aya Caspi brings her unique blend of vision, practical clarity, and deep commitment to the transformative power of Nonviolent Communication to settings as varied as schools, parenting, couples counseling, mediation, nonprofit organizations, social change communities, and media. Aya has served as an educational consultant on several preschool series, creating original curricula and advising on show development and scripting. Her client list includes Warner Bros., Discovery Media, 9 Story Media Group, Cartoon Saloon, Field Day Entertainment, the Cartoon Network, and Max. Aya has been sharing the work of NVC internationally via online classes and in-person retreats. She continually grapples with the joys and challenges of being raised in Israel and finds deep open hope in applying NVC to the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Aya Caspi

Course Logistics

This 8 Week Course comes with a Friend Magic Journal with Exercises

  • Access to 8 weeks of recordings for a Year

  • Tools Required: Printer to print your Friend Magic Journal

  • Membership: Access to our Coherence Education Community for a year

Payment Options

We offer a special price for schools who want to enroll a group of students.