Music - More Than Just Fun!

Did you know? Studies have found a strong correlation between creating music and increased IQ, neuroplasticity, creativity, and success in later life?

Plus - Making music is just DARN FUN!

Composing, playing, and arranging music taps into our core creativity. It's essential for students to nurture this creative spark. Crafting music they're eager to listen to and share bolsters confidence in their unique creative brilliance.
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Project-Based & Collaborative

Making Music the Easy Way: Kids are naturally musical. Our master instructors make song creation a simple, step-by-step process where they will demonstrate how to create cool beats, layer-in real and/or sampled instruments, add vocals and effects, and mix it all down into polished final projects that students will want to share with their friends and family.

Students as Music Producers: Your child will become proficient with digital audio software like GarageBand or Ableton, crafting original songs from their rhythmic, melodic, and vocal inspirations. Beyond solo creation, they'll collaborate with peers, pooling their talents as mutual producers and studio musicians.
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Structured for Success:

Practical Music Theory: Understanding basic music theory is really helpful for creating songs that sound great.

THAT SAID, we've seen that too much theory too soon can suck the creativity and joy out of creating music. That's why we teach just on small doses of bare-bones theory to allow students to understand the basics of rhythm, scales, keys, and chord construction so they can create sophisticated songs without getting bogged-down in their analytical brains.
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Taught by Professionals

Our staff instructors and guest teachers are eager to teach your child musicianship the easy way. The first half of each class will feature one of our guest musicians who will focus on various aspects of musicianship - rhythm, harmony, vocals, writing, improvisation, and much more. Each lesson's focus will be on fun and simplicity, helping to tease-out students' natural musical abilities.

Homework During Class

The second half of each music class is devoted to workshopping students' songs. Instructors will man breakout rooms to help any students who are stuck or needing creative ideas or inspiration.

We believe homework is best done during class, when instructors are available to help and encourage, and students can work together and support each other. Although additional homework is not required, we find that our students carry enough excitement with them that they continue learning and exploring on their own between classes.

Course Curriculum

Course Logistics

This 8 Week Course begins Monday January 8, 2024

  • Time: Either a morning session 9-11 am or afternoon session 4-6 pm Pacific Time

  • Tools Required: A Digital Audio Workstation, such as GarageBand or Ableton

Week 1

Getting Started with a Bang!

Why wait? During this first class, students will create a new song. We’ll help students to use their Digital Audio Workstation software to create a new beat, layer in original or sampled instruments and/or vocals to create a new, original song during class!

Workshop: Students will lay down a beat and add layers to create a new song! Help rooms will be available to assist any student having challenges.
Music of the Spheres

Week 2

Feel the Beat!

Learn the basics of rhythmic theory through examples of cool drum patterns, as well as approaches for creating rhythm tracks (including accents and fills) that support the spirit, tone and structure of a song. Students will participate in exercises for creating rhythm loops using midi instruments, internal software instruments, samples, and even beat-boxing!

Workshop: Students will create rhythm tracks that will serve as the foundation for one of their original songs.
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Week 3

Chords, Scales and Keys

Learning to choose the right key and chord progression will allow your student to take their listeners on the harmonic, emotional journey they intend. We’ll lead the students through some simple exercises that will help them understand major vs minor keys, and how to choose chords in that key that will create the mood and movement they're intending for their song.

Workshop: Students will experiment with different keys and chord progressions, and they will choose ones that will create a great foundation for building their songs around.
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Week 4

Creativity, Lyrics and Composition:

Our songwriters will work with students on exercises that will help them get out of their analytical minds and playfully connect them with their unique creative geniuses. Students will create individually as well as with a writing partner.

Workshop: Students will write lyrics for one of their songs. Instructors will be available to help tease students’ ideas into form.
Whale Sheet Music

Week 5

Building Out Our Songs

Now that our students have original songs, we'll work with them to lay down the tracks that will help those songs take shape. This class will be devoted 100% to working with our students on building-out their songs.

Workshop: Students will focus on building-out their masterpieces. Breakout rooms will be available for anyone needing help.
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Week 6

Let's Add Vocals!

Your student has a unique and valuable voice! Whether your student considers themself a singer or not, they have a unique voice that will spice-up whatever song they're working on.

Workshop: Amazing singer, actress, and vocal coach Betina Hershey will work with our students to help open-up their voices and provide simple, fun exercises to help-them improve their tone, range, pitch, and confidence.
Betina Hershey - Guest Teacher

Week 7

Mixing, Mastering, and Publishing

Now that students have creating their own tracks, they’ll learn how to make them sound amazing! By balancing levels, adding reverbs, delays, effects, and final polish via basic mastering techniques, students will take their existing masterpieces and make them sound even better! They’ll also learn how to publish their songs to Soundcloud, Spotify, and other musical hubs so they can readily share them with their friends - and the world!

Workshop: Students will take one of their songs, polish it up, and publish it! As always, we’ll be there in the breakout rooms to lend a helping hand and ear if needed.
Teenager speaking on stage

Week 8

Concert and Dance Party!

During this final class each student will play one or more of their original songs for the class.

The class will be open to friends, family, and students from our other Coherence Education classes! This will be a fun, supportive, and amazing time where our students spread their wings and showcase themselves as the creative musical geniuses that they all are!
Concert dance party

Meet Your Instructors

All instructors will be teaching a pre-recorded segment. During the live Q&A, some instructors may not be on due to scheduling conflicts

Leandrew Dixon

Music Producer/ AI Expert

Leandrew Dixon Founder of Autonomite, a creative studio, Leandrew is a multi-passionate creative and strives to uplift humanity through various outlets, including music production, entrepreneurship, web design, writing, and video production. His primary passions encompass music, disruptive technology, world citizenship, and alternative societal forms.
Leandrew Dixon

Andrew Freeman

Founder of Coherence Education

Not just a tech genius and a karaoke champion, Andrew wrote, sang & produced a children's album called Aardvark Boogie and is currently co-writing a children's book with his daughter titled "Checkers the World's Greatest Cat Detective." If you're ever in need of some inspiration, Andrew Freeman is the man to talk to.
Andrew Freeman

Betina Hershey

Betina Hershey is an accomplished performer, musician, writer and educator who loves encouraging others to express themselves through music, song, dance, writing and theater. Betina has been teaching for many years, running the Garden Players Musical Theater Program for Kids in Forest Hills, Queens since 2002.
Betina Hershey - Guest Teacher

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  • - Live, interactive classes are standard
  • - We also have economical "Recorded-Only" classes, and group Classroom Editions

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“Coherence Education has helped me on my journey of music, self-confidence, and my knowledge of AI tools. I enjoy connecting with kids from all around the globe and learning about them. Coherence Education has helped me and so many others to get to know each other better, and to learn and grow as individuals. ”


“I loved these classes, they are really fun and I feel like I'm really learning something. The teachers are awesome and really nice. I can't wait for the next classes to start. I wish they were sooner. ”


“I've decided that I love the Coherence Education Courses, they've been amazing. The past 8 weeks of my life of taking the courses, have been amazing, engaging, very profound. They branch out to things I don't know about even if it's a topic I think I know. They are very engaging, interactive and you never get bored”