Exploring Ancient Mysteries

We'll delve into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and challenge what we think we know about human history. We will journey through ancient megalithic stone structures in Egypt, Peru, Lebanon, Mexico, and beyond, examining evidence that may suggest advanced technologies and skills were employed that we no longer have access to.

We'll learn the legends of past empires including Atlantis and Lemuria and look for evidence that supports or refutes these tales. We'll also scrutinize mainstream historical narratives using critical thinking and hands-on experiments to learn what explanations make the most sense to each of us, based on our own examinations of the logic and evidence.
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Critical Thinking Required!

Throughout the course, interactive labs encourage students to explore, experiment, and hypothesize about ancient methods and technologies. From constructing mini pyramids to examining rock hardness, our hands-on approach ensures in-depth understanding, aided by world-renowned guest experts who will help guide our explorations.

Throughout the course students will maintain an Ancient Civilizations journal, where they will log the key facts for each site and come to their own conclusions regarding who built them and how they were constructed. At the end of the course, students will present their analyses.
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Course Highlights

  • We'll investigate the evidence supporting and challenging the mainstream timeline, from Gobekli Tepe to ancient Sumeria.
  • Stone Structures & Their Secrets: Dive deep into the art of megalithic construction, understanding the tools, methods, and enigmas behind structures like the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.
  • Global Civilizations & Ancient Travel: Harness LiDAR technology's insights into hidden cities beneath jungles and draw connections between ancient construction styles worldwide.
  • Lost Technologies & Ancient Innovations: Examine drill holes, saw marks, stone softening techniques, and marvels like the Kailasa Temple in India, searching for traces of forgotten technological advancements.
  • Legacy of Atlantis & Other Civilizations: Delve into tales from Greece, Egypt, and other cultures, mapping potential locations for the lost city of Atlantis, and understanding the implications for human history.
  • Earth's Bumpy Past: Explore theories surrounding comet strikes, pole shifts, expanding Earth, and ancient floods that may have reshaped past civilizations.
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Course Curriculum

Week 1 - The Pyramids

Explore the locations of known pyramids all over the world. We'll delve into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, examining the quarries, the labor, and the architectural challenges for creating the most massive man-made structure on the planet.

Lab: Construct a mini great pyramid and calculate the stone placement rates for its 2.3 million stones.
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Week 2 - Challenging Historical Timelines

Delve into the widely accepted historical timelines and evaluate the evidence for and against them, from Gobekli Tepe to the Sphinx and ancient Sumerian texts.

Lab: Create a presentation debating the credibility of mainstream historical timelines.
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Week 3 - A Global Ancient Civilization?

Explore evidence of global connections in ancient times, from pyramids in various continents to tales of ancient global travelers and similarities in architectural techniques.

Lab: Construct a foam "puzzle-piece" wall, inspired by interlocking ancient constructions.
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Week 4 - Lost Ancient Technologies

Investigate evidence suggesting advanced ancient technologies, from intricate drill holes to massive underground tunnel networks.

Lab: Compare stone hardness and attempt primitive shaping methods with various tools.
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Week 5 - Were there Previous Civilizations?

Explore tales and theories surrounding legendary past civilizations including Atlantis, Lumuria and Mu, as well as speculations of a parallel civilizations on Mars.

Lab: Engage in a discussion and mapping exercise on potential Atlantis locations.
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Week 6

Earth’s Dramatic Changes

Understand the catastrophic events around 12,000 years ago, from pole shifts to theories about plate tectonics and earth expansion.

Lab:Evaluate different earth-change theories and formulate your evidence-based hypothesis.
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Week 7

Echoes of Advanced Ancestors

Were there survivors of the cataclysms? Analyze evidence from ancient architectural wonders to puzzling historical anomalies that defy mainstream timelines.

Lab: Group discussion on remnants and knowledge pockets that indicate advanced ancient civilizations.
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Week 8

From Past Learnings to Future Aspirations

Reflect on discoveries and their implications for advanced technologies, including potential extraterrestrial energy systems and shaping the next era of human civilization.

Lab: Brainstorm and envision the foundational pillars of a thriving future civilization, inspired by ancient wisdom.
Future Civilization

Meet Your Instructors

Andrew Freeman

Founder of Coherence Education

Andrew has spent thousands of hours researching ancient civilizations via the work of many of the guest instructors who will be a part of this course. In addition, Andrew has extensively explored ancient sites in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Greece, and the UK.

Andrew believes that in order to know who we are as a species and civilization, it is vital that we explore the mysteries of the ancient world.
Andrew Freeman

Tyler Engle

Founder of Bassforge.us

Creator of bassforge on Tiktok, Tyler assists people in their pursuit of understanding reality by simplifying the connection between spiritual wisdom, ancient history, and the sciences. He loves to empower those who wish to gain the knowledge required to express their full potential in whatever pursuit that may be. Although his language can be salty on social media, he promises to keep it clean for the kids. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Tyler is absolutely brilliant at explaining the world of ancient technology. We are thrilled to have him!
Tyler Engle

Brien Foerster

Author, Director of Paraćas History Museum in Peru

Brien Foerster was raised on the west coast of Canada, where he developed a fascination for the Native people, their art, and oral traditions. This led to his becoming a professional sculptor, after graduating with an honours BSc degree from the University or Victoria. In 1995, he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe (ancestor of the modern day catamaran) and the restoration of the famous Mo'olele sailing canoe. He started an online outrigger paddle business, which flourished internationally. Peru became his next major area of interest. The study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History of the Incas, and he is now the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum in Paracas, south of Lima.
Brien Foerster

Chris Dunn

Author of The Giza Power Plant

Christopher Dunn is a manufacturing engineer with 50 years of experience. He has worked primarily in aerospace with an emphasis on precision and laser application. He has published a dozen articles on his theories about ancient technology and is the author of The Giza Power Plant. He lives in Illinois.
Chris Dunn

Sonja Grace

Award winning author, medicine woman

Award winning author, Sonja Grace is an internationally known mystic and healer who offers immediate stability, clarity and guidance to clients around the world. For over thirty years she has helped people who suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sonja’s ancestral background is a fascinating blend of Native American Choctaw and Cherokee descent and Norwegian. She is adopted on the Hopi Reservation, where she is considered a medicine woman. Sonja was featured on the Discovery + show ‘UFO Witness’ and Feel Good Factor TV in the U.K. She can be seen on GAIA TV’s Great Minds, Ancient Civilizations, Inspirations, and Beyond Belief with George Noory, and ‘Coast to Coast AM’. Her books ‘Spirit Traveler’ and ‘Dancing with Raven and Bear’ are the winners of The Beverly Hills Book Awards. ‘Become an Earth Angel’ is the basis of her Earth Angel Training Course. Her new oracle ‘Odin and the Nine Realms’ received the prestigious COVR visionary award.
Sonja Grace

Mario Buildreps

A former businessperson who is also a graduate engineer, Mario has always been fascinated by ancient humans, megalithic structures, ancient temples, and pyramids. Using his engineering and mathematical skills, he and his team have uncovered a remarkable pattern in the orientation of foundations of ancient structures around the world. This pattern reveals a hidden history of our planet and our civilization that goes back much further than conventional archaeology and geology suggest.
Mario Buildreps

Foster Gamble

President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media.

Foster has dedicated his life to figuring out what is in the way of humanity thriving...and what we can do about it. Studying at Princeton University, he began questioning the establishment and sought whole-system solutions in every sector. He spent decades researching new energy technologies, consciousness, non-violent conflict resolution and freedom-based alternatives to our current failing institutions. Alongside his wife Kimberly Gamble he's created two feature documentaries, "THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?" (one of the most watched documentaries in history with over 95 Million views) and "THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes." These milestone films combine startling revelations with scientific and ethical principles to provide a moral compass and a strategic roadmap to a world where everyone can thrive.
Foster Gamble

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“First of all, we want to express our deep gratitude for what you have created in Coherence for Kids course. Its been joyful journey not only for our daughter, but also us, parents. It was so inspiring, so much fun and joy, just to be there present with you all and all those beautiful souls. We as adults also learned and refreshed our own learning journey, so thank you for that wonderful family and international affair. You and all those amazing teachers were just such an amazing addition to our Thursday evenings, we were somehow sad to wave you off and say goodbye yesterday. So Thank you all again for this wonderful adventure we had. ”

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Course Logistics

This 8 Week Course begins March 18, 2024

  • Time: Either a morning session 9-11 am or afternoon session 4-6 pm Pacific Time

  • Tools Required: A notebook for creating an exploratory journal.